CONEJITO and the WAX DOLL – Yaqui/Zapotec
retold by Sydney Solis

Once there was a little rabbit, un conejito, and he loved to go into the farmer’s garden, el huerto, and eat the chilies, los chiles, the carrots, las zanahorias, and cucumbers, los pepinos.

In the morning, the farmer would see Conejito’s footprints and get angry that he ate his crops. So the farmer came up with a trick. He made a large doll out of wax and stuck it in the middle of the garden.

At midnight under a full moon, Conejito came back to the garden. He saw the wax doll.

Hola,” he said. “¿Cómo estás?” How are you?”

The wax doll did not say anything.

“I said, Hola, how are you? Why don’t you answer me?” Conejito said again. Still there was no answer.

“Do you think that you are better than me? Is that why you won’t talk to me?” Still, no answer came from the wax doll.

“Well!” Conejito started to get angry. “Let me tell you something then!” and Conejito took his right fist and punched the wax doll. But his fist stuck in the wax doll, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t pull his fist free.

Conejito’s face turned red as he got even more angry. He hit the doll with his left fist. Now both fists were stuck in the wax. He got even more angry, and kicked the wax doll with his right foot. That got stuck too! He got more and more angry and kicked it with his left foot.

Now Conejito was really stuck.

In the morning, the farmer came to his field again. There was Conejito, stuck to the doll. The farmer pulled Conejito off the doll, stuffed him into a bag, and took him home where he started to boil a big pot of water for dinner.


Ask children, how does reacting to anger with physical violence get us “stuck?”

How does assuming things about others get us into trouble?

What alternatives could we imagine instead of fighting to resolve the problem? Make up alternative endings to the story.

Add yoga poses to the story; such as the rabbit pose, boat pose (navasana) for when Conejito is stuck with all fours., etc.

Vocabulary – Vocabulario

Hola – Hello
¿Cómo estás? – How are you?
Rabbit – conejo
El chile – chili
carrots – zanahorias
cucumbers – pepinos
garden – el huerto


Giddings, Ruth Warner, Yaqui Myths and Legends, The University of Arizona Press, 1983

De la Cruz, Victor and Gloria, Cuento del Conejo y el Coyote, Circulo de Arte, Mexico City, 1998

This story is similar to Brerr Rabbit and the Tar Baby in the Southeastern United States.

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