a story from India
Retold by Sydney Solis

Once there was a poor man who had a big bag of mirrors. He was walking to market, and set the bag down to rest. As he rested, he began to think.

“I’m going to sell all these mirrors in the market today! Just think, I will be able to buy even more mirrors with the profits, and then I can buy more and sell more mirrors! Eventually, I will be so wealthy! I will be able to ask for the hand of a princess! Why she will live happily with me!”

But then the man thought of something else. “Well! What if she isn’t happy? What if she starts to complain, or wants something else?” He began to get angry. “Ha! If ever she should get angry with me or not agree with me, why I’ll put a stop to that in a hurry!”

He took his foot and kicked the bag forcefully, shattering all the mirrors inside. And that was the end of his plans.


How does this man’s dreams compare with his reality? Were his dreams reachable?

How does his fantasies about situations, real or unreal, affect his reality?

How does his violent action destroy his dream?

Compare your life with this story? When have you fantasized about something? Did it come true? If it did come true, did it turn out the way you expected? If not, why not?

Think of a time that you have become angry at someone. What was the emotion behind it? What did they do to make you feel angry? Did they make you feel ashamed, afraid or wrong?

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